Spencer Gulf Kingfish

Revered by chefs

Leading chefs around the world choose Spencer Gulf Kingfish because of its firm yet delicate texture and unique rich flavour.

“I don’t think my menu would be able to live without Spencer Gulf Kingfish. I need it there. I need it raw, cooked, sliced, tartare, you name it. It has to be a part of my menu.”


Head Chef, Pilu at Freshwater, Sydney

sustainably RAISED IN a PRISTINE environment

Certified by both the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Friends of the Sea, we’re dedicated to raising our Spencer Gulf Kingfish in the most sustainable, responsible way we can. You can only raise the best fish if they’re swimming in the best waters.

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Our Spencer Gulf Kingfish are raised in the icy, pristine waters of South Australia’s Spencer Gulf. Yellowtail Kingfish are indigenous to the remote crystal clear waters of the Spencer Gulf. Our brood stock is specifically selected for its superior quality attributes and is bred from fish originally sourced in close proximity to our current operations.

The Spencer Gulf is one of the cleanest and most pristine bodies of water in Australia. There is nothing between the icy waters of Antarctica and our farm but the expanse of the Great Southern Ocean.


The cold waters of the Spencer Gulf firm and tone the flesh to make the world’s best raw fish. Japanese Sushi Masters consider Kingfish (Seriola Lalandi) the best fish in the world for sashimi.


In the water, the Spencer Gulf Kingfish looks powerful and majestic. But when landed, its flesh remains firm but distinctively delicate. It can be slow-cooked, pan fried, or grilled on the BBQ. The ways are endless…

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Clean Seas Liquid Nitrogen Rapid Freezing is world’s best practise for freezing high value, premium seafood. It all comes down to speed. To keep the texture of the flesh as perfect and refined as possible, the ice formation stage must be completed quickly. Conventional freezing typically takes up to four hours to reach that stage. At Clean Seas, we can now achieve that in just 17 minutes.

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inspiring chefs across the world

We’re always excited to see the innovative and creative ways Chefs work with our Spencer Gulf Kingfish.

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