Our Fish

Despite being famous throughout the culinary world, Kingfish was actually little known in Australia in 2002. That’s when Clean Seas began farming Kingfish in its native waters of South Australia. With a grand heritage running back centuries in Japan, Kingfish is now recognised and used in many cultures around the world. Our Kingfish is the ultimate white fish for raw and cooked dishes in top kitchens worldwide. In Japan, Kingfish is by far the most popular white fish for Sashimi and Sushi. In Italy, where it is called Ricciola, it is the most requested fish for Tartare & Carpaccio. In Peru, Ceviche isn’t authentic unless made with Kingfish. In Hawaii, it’s the local favourite for their famous Poke bowls. From Australia to France and The Americas, our Kingfish is the centrepiece of any dish. Now we’re making our beautiful fish available to homes around the world.

Kingfish is also known as Yellowtail (Hiramasa) and is part of the Seriola family, which includes Hamachi and Kampachi. In Japan, Hiramasa is the best regarded of them all, including the local Hamachi.
This preference for Hiramasa is supported by its unique combination of richness and firmness when consumed cooked or raw and holding its colour remarkably well.

We have been the global leader in farming Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) since 2004.